Transportation Industry

The Transportation Industry is constantly in a state of flux with newer and better technologies regularly replacing the older ones. Investment in new product development and product enhancements is imperative; but given the capital intensive nature of your industry, you must constantly strive to improve ROI by reducing costs.

TOI offers a range of engineering services that empower you to design innovative equipment, automate processes and maximize operational efficiency across the board.

  • Mechanical Engineering
    1. Bulk and unit handling systems
    2. Machine tools
    3. Mechanical and power lifts and trucks
    4. Designs for equipment and material handling
    5. Bulk and unit handling systems
    6. Machine tools
    7. Mechanical and power lifts and trucks
    8. Belt / Chain / power / free roller conveyors
    9. Monorails
    10. Lifting, leveling and positioning systems
    11. Stacker and Unstacker
    12. Palletizers
  • Electrical Engineering
    1. Control Engineering
    2. Machinery design
    3. Cable Harness and Wiring
    4. Conveyor system design

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